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3 Live videos in Room 205 from Incase

Posted by lederestlederest on March 1, 2012 – 1:41 pm

Back in October/November we were out in California playing a few shows with The Soft Moon, and got to meet up with Arlie from Room 205. Earlier that morning we had awoken to a fire in the house we were staying, as a stack of books had been placed on top of the heating vent and had ignited around 4 am. The whole house was filled with smoke and we had nowhere else to go after we put out the flames so we went back to sleep breathing the fumes. This would partly explain our appearances in the following session, as we had to get started early so we could catch a flight back to NY later on that day. ‘The Gold Cane’ had been written just a few days beforehand and will be released on vinyl for a Sacred Bones compilation. ‘May’ is from the Captured Tracks EP of the same name. ‘Bladiator’ will be released on the new LP titled, ‘The Diver’,  early May on Sacred Bones.
The following videos were directed by Jared Eberhardt, and edited by Forrest Borie, and were made with editing help from House Plant’s Brendan Harmon and Visual artist Aurora Halal

Many thanks to Damon Way, The Soft Moon, Micheal (Part time Punks), Alex and Gio Guillien, Zumi, and Niel Rasmussen.

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